Old member but stuck in a rut


Hi all,

I have in the past used FB religiously and as a result was the fittest and happiest I had been post kids. I however find myself in a horrible place at the moment and just don’t know why.

Everything else is going well, husband is working, kids are well, I am studying and working but I have let myself quietly put all the weight I lost back on and then some.

I weigh 12st and feel revolting. I was a stone lighter than this when I was two weeks overdue with my youngest. I hate looking and feeling like this.

So why can’t I motivate myself! I just can’t seem to get into a routine and it’s making me feel lower and lower.

Has anybody else been through similar? How did you get over it? We were on holiday last month and the pictures upset me so much but still I can’t seem to get my head straight....