Full fat vs low fat dairy products- what's your take?


A big portion of animal protein and fat of my diet is coming from dairy. Almost every morning I take 150-200ml of milk with/without oatmeal. I consume 20-30gm of French cheese (comtè, raclette or bleu, etc) every other day. I consume greek yogurt once or twice per week.

Problem is that every dairy products I consume, it has to be full fat. I tried for 6 months to switch to skimmed milk and yogurt and I failed miserably. Low fat is a compromise of taste that I just can't afford.

What's your take on full fat vs low fat dairy products? Any insight on how good or bad one compared to the other would be great.

P.S. I don't consume butter, can't tolerate soy/almond milk, or any sour cream kind of cooking ingredients.