Finished my 8 week challenge!

So this week marks 8 weeks since I started fitness blender workouts and healthy eating! I have lost a total of 14 kilos, gone down from a size 16-18 (Australian) to a size 10, I have so much more energy than I did before and I'm now completing workouts and smashing them when before I would be 12 mins into it and go 'nope' I'll try again tomorrow... I now keep up and smash them! I workout 6 days a week and every morning I get excited to pick the workout! My kids (4 and 2) come over and star jump and squat with me so I'm glad they're watching me become healthy rather than binge eating and feeling depressed, and they find it hilarious when I plank to tickle me... I do not find that as funny as them haha! Inches lost: stomach/ hips 8 inches.... thighs: 4 1/2 inches....arms: 1 1/2 inches :) Hope everyone smashes their workouts for this week and has a great weekend xox