Among many first happening today, going back to the beginning!


Today a lot of first things happened. Woke up at 4am to catch flight, reserved taxi didn't arrive to pick me up. Then dragging luggage, about 5km of walk, all day scientific meeting, eating unhealthy sugary food outside. By the evening I was exhausted, also slow internet is not loading video. With all these, definitely I was not going to exercise. But I looked at the schedule and I knew that I have to!

For the first time worked out just looking at printed exercises, using stopwatch for the first time. Because among all these first times, there was this old video scheduled for today! 2 years ago I discovered a shy silent Kelli and a nice background voice of Daniel through this video! I had no idea who they were, nobody ever recommended me anything, still I just got hooked by their genuine honesty.

Thank you K&D! I am so glad I found you guys! You changed my life forever!

P.S. Oh yes I burnt a solid 300 calories! #workoutcomplete