Feeling like I'm not making any progress!


So I started working out with FB almost 9 weeks ago. The first week I used the free videos, and then I did the low impact program for beginners and now I'm halfway through FB Booty. But I feel like I've made no progress! I weigh 130 pounds, but I know I have a horrible body fat percentage because I've never been active. I have love handles/back fat for days that haven't improved at all. I really struggle through the workouts, but I'm only sore the next day probably 1-2 days a week so I feel like I must be doing something wrong but I don't know what. I'm trying to myself that this is a lifetime commitment, and that progress will be slow but I'm definitely starting to feel discouraged that I can't see any improvements.

I'm trying to work on my diet, and that's also been slow moving but I'm making some progress. I took K&D's tips and bought glass mason jars to store chopped up veggies and fruit for ease of use but I'm still making some bad food choices and not eating meals at the time I should.

Any advice on how to stay motivated or recipes to share?

Appreciate it!