Dinner ideas?

Hey, dear FB Community!

I hope everyone's doing well and having your workouts complete!

I wanted to ask what do you usually guys eat for dinner. Personally, I eat a bit of cereal+1 fruit+yogurt or eat what's left from lunch (if there's any!); of course, taking care of the portions and avoiding bread because I don't like it that much.

I workout 6 days a week (weight training and HIIT) when i get back from work but once i finish it i have no idea of what i should eat later. Keep in mind that at that time of the day, you're usually tired and with a busy schedule, so there isn't enough time nor energies to cook something. Oh, and don't make me think of having salad haha just by thinking about it makes me grumpy hahaha.

It would be great if you could share your ideas!

Thank you in advance :)