Getting back to working out after a long hiatus (over a year)


I started working out with FB beginning of last year, and made some good progress. However, after starting a new and extremely demanding job my workouts started decreasing from 5 to 3 times a week. My father got really sick around the same time, and that together with my new job didn't leave any time for me to work out, and they stopped altogether. After losing my father in September, i noticed how the grief was consuming me. I was angry at every thing and every one, i was extremely non productive at work, and would just feel ..empty. My dad passed away due to heart condition he had for several years. He was overweight - bordering obesity for most of his life, and i'm quite certain that that had contributed to his heart disease. Well, that and heredity. See, it's all in my heredity. The overweightedness, heart disease, diabetes..all the bad things. Everyone grieves in their own way, and i have slowly started to feel better, and that has made me determined to start working out again, and be healthy. I constantly think about working out, but i just can't get myself to start. The image of me working out again is there in my head, but i just don't have the motivation to start. Also, the only time i would have to work out, would be in the morning, at around 6am, which is a whole other battle on its own.

Do you guys have any suggestions for me? I really do want to get healthy again. Thanks :)