FB Meal Plan Prep Plan

I recently bought the FB Meal Plan, mostly out of support for FB. It appears to be for people that have zero experience preparing meals for themselves with fresh food. However, I hoped it would also be a nice "no nonsense" guide to planning meals for a month, and I was curious about the FB "food culture".

The format of the plan is very difficult to implement because it uses the same foods over and over again, but doesn't give any tips on food storage or prep, just the grocery lists. It is difficult for me to develop a storage/prep plan on my own because I cannot view the meals for each week and how the ingredients are prepared through the week without scrolling/flipping/clicking through a lot of material, spread out for each day. I basically would need to make a spreadsheet or use a white board to sort the relevant information (for instance, how many times is brown rice cooked? How much brown rice should I cook for the week for these recipes?).


1) has anyone already done something like this that I've missed? I might be going out on a limb here, but any detailed prep tips from those that have done this meal plan could be useful to post.

2) if no one has done this, would you be interested if I did so and posted it? Would Kelli and Daniel be interested in this? Heh.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!