When do you workout?

I'm curious about everyone's different schedules, and how that affects their ideal time to workout?

I'm currently a stay at home mom (kids are 8, 6 and 3). Ideally, I would workout about an hour after I wake up but that's usually when I'm getting the kids ready for school. So instead I either wake up early and squeeze in a quick workout and shower, or else I can work out after the kids are in school (my youngest is only in school 3 mornings a week). If I don't get in a workout before noon, then it's just not gonna happen!

This is really why I love fitness blender though. I can pick my workout based on how much time I have, how much energy I have and I can do it whenever I'm ready! I love Kelli and Daniel's attitude towards fitness and above all, the workouts are so effective!