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R2: Day 27/30 of Cooking More and Avoiding Ultra-Processed Food

Hi! I've been cooking much more and have also started tracking my monetary spending - most of it has been unfortunately on food. I'm trying to just eat outside if it's with a friend, not by myself.

Today I ended up ordering coffee and pastries, then couldn't focus for the rest of the day. I didn't have sleep last night, so I think my focus for the next round will be on setting up a morning and night routine. I have the hardest time waking up in the morning and falling asleep; I'll feel tired until I turn off the lights. I also want to learn more about seed cycling.

I'm still tracking macros and have somewhat of a routine going - I'll eat breakfast in the morning via cheese sticks and protein drinks and hardboiled eggs. Then for lunch - pre-packaged keto meal made from a restaurant. Then dinner is what I made - that gives enough variety in order to not order food outside. I also want to start time blocking more.

I bought a highly rated journal to do time blocking and today was the first day. It didn't really work because I was too hyper from the coffee - I only had 7 ounces and it was far too much. I also was tired - I think sleeping and food are foundational to improving the rest of your life.

I will say.... still having a bit of a work problem. I think that instead of stressing myself out to appease a narcissist manager, I'll focus on getting the right sleep for me and starting my day very, very early rather than procrastinating throughout most of the day and then staying up late at night to get things done.

Thankfully, tomorrow is an early day and I can try it out!

I have noticed less weight fluctuations - the range Is lower. It used to be a weight loss of 10 lbs, but now my fluctuations are within 2 lbs of each other. I think that doing longer low impact cardio workouts have led to some blood volume change because I notice that it wildly fluctuates on days that I do cardio.

I've really been enjoying cardio - that may have been the missing part of the weight loss journey for me. I used to dance for hours before the pandemic, then studios closed and so I stopped. I can't do rehearsal for hours because of an injury, but I can do 2 hours twice a week, which has been fun! I'm mainly doing Pilates, which has been really beneficial to support dancing. I do 1 FB total body strength training workout per week. I tried to do it twice per week, but I'm sort of in a cardio phase right now. It's so interesting how low impact cardio is the missing key for weight loss for me. Has anyone else noticed that?

The last day of the challenge is on Friday, and I'm excited to start R3 on Saturday/Sunday!