Perspiration Pals 23 May 2024

Hello Pals! How are you? It’s not even 10 a.m. here and my patience with people is running out… Why do people talk so much? The fact that we as a species have language is amazing but I’d really appreciate a relatively quiet day. It’s not going it happen today.

Anyway, I started the day by doing Day 18 of the 30-day challenge and I swapped the scheduled routine for another one but these slower core workouts don’t really satisfy me. I know they are important but I need to sort of suffer to feel that getting up was worth my while. On the other hand, my lower arm/elbow is not that painful today so scheduling a bodyweight program after I finish the 30-day challenge will probably be a good idea. I haven’t been practising push-ups in the past couple of days because I’m still failing to do at least 6 and the whole thing is discouraging. However, once I start the bodyweight program it’ll change. I refuse to give up.

Moving on to a lot more interesting section, since I mentioned language earlier, did you know that 1 billion people speak English? That's 1 in every 7 on earth. Also, a new word in English is created every 98 minutes. Something completely different, did you know that it snowed in the Sahara Desert in 1979? Bonus fact, on Mars, sunsets are blue.

All right, Pals, duty calls and unfortunately I have to respond so have an easy day and don’t forget to look at something beautiful. (random piece of advice)