HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group May 22nd

Good morning Blendfriends!

Wishing a swift recovery to Martine. I guess now is a good time to eat all the ice cream and popsicles. It also seems weather-appropriate.

I got in a nice foam rolling session last night and my legs are feeling quite a bit better. I will head to the gym after work and do some upper body and core work.

Today's meme was inspired by finding balance. It can feel quite tricky, especially in the warmer months. It seems there are a million things going on. Our weekends are filling up and now we are booking things with friends during the week. I am exhausted just thinking about it. And before we know it the summer is gone. How do you find balance in the warmer months? Do you find the extended daylight helps? Lately, we are both quite tired after dinner and are barely able to get off the couch.

I think we are both feeling run down and exhausted from work. Hopefully, our upcoming holiday can help cure some of this.

Speaking of holiday, I will be away next Wednesday so if anyone can take over that would be nice. I will try to check in but I can't guarantee.

So enough rambling from me, on to you guys. Spill the beans, what is on for today?