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Updated: Our New Strength Block

Hi FB Family!

We're here to share more info about our Strength Block! 

What is it? 

The Strength Block is a collection of one Proficiency Test and three 10 Day Challenges, all designed to build on one another in a smart, effective, and safe manner. 

  • Proficiency Test: A new way to track progress before, between, and after the Challenges released throughout our Strength Block!
  • Build with Tasha: Heavy Lifting and Balance Work for Increased Strength
  • Feel Stronger with Erica: Traditional Strength Training with Power, Cardio, and Total Body Conditioning (** see note below)
  • Beyond the Build with Brian: Get Strong and Stay Active with a Mix of Advanced Strength, Cardio, and Recovery

Between each of the challenges will be a deload week to allow for some rest and recuperation, with low-intensity workout releases to support your recovery. 

** Update: We’ve introduced a 10 Day Challenge from Erica in place of Barre and Build with Erica. Coming June 23 will now be Feel Stronger with Erica, a challenge comprised of Erica’s most popular strength training workouts and designed to fit seamlessly into our Strength Block.

When is it? 

The Proficiency Test is coming to you on Monday, May 20, and the 10 Day Challenges will be released day by day starting with Tasha's on Sunday, June 2. In addition to the workout content coming your way, we'll also have a 20% Off Sale running throughout all three Challenges!

How do I access it?

  • Day 1 of each of the three 10 Day Challenges will be available for FREE! This is a great opportunity for you to test out the training style in each Challenge and see if it's for you. 
  • The Proficiency Test and the rest of the 10 Day Challenges will be available with an active FB Plus account
  • We'll have a special 60 Day Plus Pass available specifically for folks intending to tackle all three Challenges (including the deload weeks)! 
  • Our 20% Off Sale is available for everyone and will run June 2–July 26 (ends 11:59 PM PST)

Many of you have expressed excitement about the progressive nature of our recent content releases, and our Strength Block is meant to help you keep the momentum going. Join us for one, two, or all three of the 10 Day Challenges and track your progress along the way.

We can't wait to hear what you think!