Perspiration Pals Tuesday May 14, 2024

Hello, lovelies, and Happy Tuesday! How is everyone doing? I am feeling lazy and inclined to procrastination so I took the morning off work and I'll go run some errand in the hopes my mood will improve if I get out and about.

Before I go, I love these animal dialogues. I provided a timestamp for the one that cracked me up the most, but they're all hilarious:

Anyone watch Bridgerton and excited for the next season (guilty pleasure, don't judge me)? I want whoever made over this guy to come glam me up as well because he went from boiled, unsalted potato to French fry mighty quick. Yes, it's all very cheesy, but cheese is a separate food group for me, I have an an entire drawer in my fridge dedicated to it.

Vanessa groomed not one, but two corgis, need I say more?Take a closer look at my profile picture if you're unsure why this is relevant:

This Russian guy who lives in Lisbon making fun of Tucker Carlson's visit to a Russian supermarket was extremely entertaining. It also reminded me I like buckwheat and should go buy some (it's not much of a thing here in Romania). Also, have you guys tried kvas? I've only had it when visiting Moldova and Ukraine, wish it were more of a thing here as well:

Ok, I'm off to procrastinate some more now. Have a great day, everyone!