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Day 30/30: Cooking more and Eating Less Processed food

Hi! It's been 30 days of cooking more and Eating Less Processed food! I've noticed a couple of positive things:

1. I've been making a meal 1x/day

2. Have been going grocery shopping 1-2x/week

3. Less food app usage

4. Saving much more money by cooking

5. If I'm hungry, it's easy to have a cheese-stick while cooking

6. Quit all candy

7. Drinking 80 - 130 ounces of water per day

There are positive changes outside of food like:

1. Better Sleep 2. Journaling 3. Cleaning More 4. Reading more books 5. Doing Pilates more frequently and doing half of the 30 day Challenge (starting Week 3 this week).

From a scale perspective, I lost exactly 1 lb in 30 days and really haven't noticed much in body changes, outside of more toned arms and obliques. I've also noticed that I would like to fit into pre-pandemic jeans, which is anywhere between 20-30 lbs to reduce. With how slow weight loss is, I'm going to go back to not looking at the scale and focusing on protein and fiber goals, and staying in a general calorie deficit. When I did eat out, I'd go to whole foods restaurants.

I'll be doing a R2 and posting again! My goals for this round are to:

1. Continue packing food for the office (cheese sticks, yogurt with granola and fruit, spaghetti squash and meatballs, almond scones, etc...)

2. Make sure to eat breakfast. I don't eat breakfast when I'm stressed out, and I noticed greater irritability throughout the day.

3. Find glass containers and start to meal prep. Continue to meal prep between F-Sunday

4. Block Credit Cards (since I mainly use it to eat out)

5. Eat more fruit to get more fiber. Instead of eating fruit with yogurt, just get in the practice of just having a handful of fruit.

6. Eat sweets that are home-made, like almond scones and chocolate chips (sugar-free chocolate chips)

7. Time tracking since I've been using Netflix as a way to distract myself from chocolate cravings

8. Continue to log all food

9. Get a water filter to save money on buying bottled water

Thanks for all of the advice and feedback! I re-read the comments a lot for new recipe ideas, and once I can figure out how to bake with almond flour, I want to make more of the FB dessert ideas