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Day 27/30: Cooking more and Eating Less Processed food

Very weirdly, changing the diet to include less processed food has impacted my menstrual cycle, and now I'm late for the first time ever. I spoke with my doctor who said it was normal with a change in diet that drastic (old diet was only chocolate chip cookies with coffee every other day during times of stress, cheesecake factory, never cooked, etc...). I haven't lost any weight, so it's not related to that. If anything, protein and fiber intake have drastically gone up and carbs have decreased from 200-300 g of carbs to less than 100.

To attempt to regulate the cycle, I tried my old diet yesterday and today, but I found I couldn't eat that much, and ended up with my new normal (chia seeds and Greek yogurt, raspberries, chocolate chips for a snack; spaghetti squash, ground beef, and broccoli). I felt sick and lethargic after trying the old diet. Not to mention, I ordered it through a food app for the first time in over a month and the total was twice the initial cost, smh.

I didn't realize exactly how much money I was wasting with going to restaurants and apps until attempting my old diet again. Convenience definitely has a monetary fee. I need a better food plan for when I'm PMSing and craving chocolate cake all the time.

I noticed that I was much more tired and irritated with going back to the diet and that I really craved water and broccoli. And chia seeds, omg. But I do think that the amount of calories dropped substantially by not ordering takeout anymore and eating more protein and vegetables, which may be why my body is so stressed out.

I even stayed up late (2 AM) to test it out and it still didn't help my menstrual cycle. That was to work, but it was insane - I used to be able to work until 6 AM to hit a deliverable and then go to work the next day with just a cup of coffee. When I eat healthy, I get tired by 10 and sleep quite early. It's really interesting - in my industry, a lot of people drink copious amounts of coffee and stay up late night/early morning for deliverables/projects and it's seen as normal.

I've been slowly transitioning everything I've done at night to the work day, and have been productive since I'm not tired from a lack of sleep and too much sugar.

I do have a deliverable tomorrow, so I may one of the PMS videos on here and sleep early to catch up on all the bad habits I attempted to get back my period. I've actually been eating exactly what I need to for once and even eating more than the calorie deficit, so I'm hoping that this is just temporary and that I'll be back to normal quite soon!

Here’s a question; how do you avoid ultra processed food while PMSing? I find that once I give into the craving (cake), I’m full. But then I’m not hungry and find it hard to eat nutritious food after that