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Day 13/30: Cooking more and Eating Less Processed Food

Hi! I've been cooking more since meeting the nutritionist last Monday. I might continue to write updates past the 30 days, since I think writing this has helped a lot, especially since my diet 2 weeks ago was nonstop cookies and coffee!

I've reduced my coffee, and have been shopping a lot more. I've been reading labels and avoiding ultra processed food, outside of a few Aldi meals that were ready-to-eat.

I've been taking an antidepressant to deal with personal and work stress, but have been weaning off, very slowly. (with my doctor and nutritionist's help/monitoring). I've also reduced caffeine intake and have been using organic half-and-half in 1/4 cup of coffee. Or unsweetened tea (1/4th of cup) with water for the rest.

However, I had a very stressful day yesterday with some unfortunate news about the health of my godmother, which was a day that I wasn't taking the antidepressant, and I binged that entire day. Literally my diet before eating out. I had lo mein, coffee, Brownie, scone, sandwich, hot and sour soup, and a Bundt cake.

The nutritionist told me to use egg whites instead of normal eggs. I made this quiche and spent forever in cutting the vegetables and spicing, but it turned out SO bad. I truly hate egg whites, at least when it's baked. After that disaster, I did have a snack on Friday. I also went to get coffee, but it was inconvenient to do so (1 hour in traffic), so I decided to start making it at home.

I'm leaning towards freezing the quiche tomorrow. I made an omelette with egg whites today and it was fine, but the quiche is incredibly gross.

What do you do with food that turned out bad? I was thinking of just dousing it with sauce, but I can't think of a sauce to remove it. Or maybe Tabasco.

Today, I made lavender scones since I love scones and would usually get them at coffee shops. It turned out great, but did take a long time.

I made a glaze to go along with it, but ended up throwing it away because I had 3 scones in quick succession when I added the glaze. Without the glaze, I could actually taste the lavender, which is the part I really only care about.

For food this week, I''m thinking of making a :

1. Lentil soup

2. Palm Heart Pasta with Marinara (bought this since I don't want to make that, even though it's really easy to make it!)

3. Chicken and Herb Salsa and Cauliflower Rice (really love this recipe!)

4. At least 2 omelettes in the morning with smoked salmons

The more I watch documentaries/read about ultra-processed Food, the more I want to cook things, especially sweets and coffee since those are the most ultra-processed. It's much more filling to make my own food and I get fill much faster.

The 2 new recipes this week will be Palm Spaghetti w/Marinara (will add additional spices) and lentil soup. Definitely excited to try new things! And maybe I can make lavender dark chocolate chip scones next week!