Delete a day from workout programme

As a user with a different standard schedule,

In order to schedule programmes on the days I wish,

I need to be able to delete days from the programme I don't intend to use,

So that I can reschedule days from the programme in place of other days.

Current situation:

- My rest days are Tuesday and Thursday

- Programmes that have 5 workout days include a 6th recovery day

- I'm unable to schedule my programmes to suit my schedule because I can't overwrite the 6th recovery day with any workout days.

- To make a programme suit my schedule, I have to analyse the programme and individually schedule each day of it so that it suits my schedule.

Preferred situation:

- Ability to move or remove rest and recovery days to anywhere in the schedule.

- Ability to overwrite recovery days with workout days from the programme.

- Ability to set my preferred rest and recovery days when scheduling the programme.