HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group April 3rd

Welcome to the day!

It is a dreary one and does not look like it will get any better. Hence the thought of the day. You can bring sunshine to someone. So put the good energy out there and it will come back to you.

Yesterday I got a windy 35-minute walk after work. It felt nice. Then I cleaned the fitness room, the linen/cleaning supply shelf, and the storage shelf. Felt great also. Still need to tackle the bookshelf downstairs so that is on my list tonight. We are in a search though for someone's fishing license...pray for me that we find it. I would like to have this Sunday free....hopefully, I find it fast so I can move on.

What are we all up to today?

I am still in rest mode but I am itching to get moving. I will do another walk if the weather permits. A sprinkle of rain is fine, but pouring rain, no thanks. I learned this weekend that my boots are no longer waterproof so I do not want wet feet again.

We will test the air-fryer for the first time tonight. What will we make? You guessed it.. fries. I will make a club sandwich and a side salad to go with.

Alright, let's get on with it!