Perspiration Pals Tuesday April 2, 2024

Hello, team, and Happy Tuesday! How are things going? I'm still pretty busy and distracted so I won't keep you long. In terms of workouts, I haven't done any since completing Fit4 on Friday as the accumulated fatigue + traveling home for Easter + time change means I've been pretty low on energy and I wanted a few rest days anyway. I'll do some low impact cardio or some kickboxing tomorrow if I feel a bit stronger. Not planning to lift any weights this week, my shoulders need the break.

Have i mentioned we're seeing 25 degrees Celsius/77F right now? What is happening? Everything is green and blooming and I'm terrified we'll get snow in April again, as we did last year.

On to links, Uyen's discussion of growing up with Vietnamese vs German parents made me realize Romanians have more in common with SE Asian cultures than Western European ones:

Floof wizard:

Fluffy corgi:

Is it a cloud? Is it a samoyed?

Ok, off I go. Let me know what's up with you and remember to have a great day!