FB Bodyweight Day 5 Complete!!!

Hello Blender Family!

It’s been some time since I completed Day 4, but I just didn’t have the chance to. I did, however, try fitting in small warm-ups during days when I got the chance. That’s something at least, right?

Today’s workouts were brutal. No offense to the other trainers here, but am I the only one who finds Daniel’s workouts to be the difficult in a fun way? His workouts are hard, but I enjoy them. Then again, I haven’t done workouts from the other trainers yet minus Amanda. Maybe I’m just being biased in that regard. 😅

Also, when doing cardio kickboxing with Daniel, who else finds it difficult but funny that they can’t keep up with him like me? My goodness the speed he has is crazy cool. He always finishes the repetitions before I do so I have to pause to catch up. I always find it hilarious when that happens.

Have a Blessed day/afternoon/evening/night!