Dig it!

Our son & his wife have a micro-winery in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada; they produce about 200 cases of wine/yr. This is the year the vineyard goes in! We have been helping with all the assorted tasks that go into developing a vineyard from unimproved acreage to the orderly rows of vines typical of California wine appellations.

Thanks to Fitness Blender workouts that allow me to get high quality exercise in the comfort of my own home at my own pace, I have been able to help with everything from felling trees & pulling brush to putting in the irrigation &, this weekend, digging holes for the new vines.

This weekend the task at hand was digging 750 holes for vines to be planted the following weekend. We had friends and family out in the sort-of-rainy 45 degree weather to do the job.

I’m in my 60s. I dug, by hand, 35 holes. Had I not been using Fitness Blender for the past 11 years, I’m sure I couldn’t have made it to lunch time. I was concerned about being sore from the hours of sustained, repetitive movement-think a few hours of medicine ball slams and chest flys and upright rows and good mornings and climbing hills

Surprisingly, the muscles that were most sore were all the small muscles in my hands 🧐 due to the sheer number of repetitions with the post hole digger.

Thanks Fitness Blender! I can keep doing the things I want to (or have to😉) do for years to come!