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30 Day Challenge Preview + Pre Sign Up Now Available!

Hey FB Family!

We're really excited to share that you can now add the upcoming 30 Day Challenge to your calendar. You can also officially preview the whole challenge, though all of these new workouts are so new that they're not even published yet! This new challenge launches Sunday April 14th, and there will be 6 new releases each week: 5 days of smart, effective workout videos, and an optional, active recovery 6th day workout that’ll be focused on restorative movement. 

Daniel and I filmed Day 1; it's a lower body workout with just a pinch of HIIT, and it packs a punch. We are so excited to share this workout with you, and we're looking forward to following along with the whole challenge ourselves.

I'm sure that most of you are familiar with our 5 & 10 Day Challenges, and this new 30 Day Challenge is like a longer, team version of those challenges. In my mind, it combines the very best aspects of our traditional "workout programs" that we've offered for over a decade now, with the very best aspects of our "workout challenges". So this 30 Day Challenge will have a similar feel to our 5 & 10 day challenges, but this time it’s 30 days of brand new, custom workout videos, being released in real time as the challenge progresses. We're definitely interested to see what you all think of this so be ready to jump in and share your thoughts with us - you know we're always open to feedback so if you end up loving this and wanting to see more like it, let us know!

Quick list challenge facts: 

  • A preview of the entire 30 Day Challenge is live now
  • You can now add the challenge to your Calendar
  • New videos will be available the previous day at 5:00 PM PDT (we heard your feedback about wanting an earlier release time!)
  • This time through you'll have extra support: your coaches for this challenge will be Tasha and Erica (be ready to start 4/14!)
  • Kickoff the challenge by joining me and Daniel for Day One, a Lower Body Strength + HIIT Cardio Workout (38 minutes)

The whole FB Team came together to create this new challenge and we think you're going to love it. We're excited because of the opportunity it presented to work as a team, to make a full length custom challenge together. There are a lot of moving parts, a lot of time and attention that goes into a single workout video, let alone 30 days of programmatic content. The Fitness Blender Team is scattered all across the US. All of us work from home; FB has no centralized office, film space, or even operational hours. So I think it’s really cool that we can come together virtually and make a cohesive challenge of fun, smart, effective workouts that covers a wide range of training types and specialties across the FB Team. We owe a huge thank you to our teammates who worked hard to help bring this challenge to life. And thank you to all of you who use our work as well, who give us the motivation and feedback we need to keep learning, developing, and improving. 

We hope that you're as excited as we are about this! Are you ready for this new challenge? Are you going to start with us on April 14th, or maybe at a later date? 

Thank you for working out with us!

Kelli & Daniel