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Week 1 of Fitness Blender's 30 Day Challenge

Good morning FB Family! 

The FB Team has been hard at work collaborating, creating, and planning a new 30 day challenge that features all brand new workouts with a focus on improving your strength, cardiovascular fitness, and movement functionality. That’s six new workouts a week for four weeks! Add the entire challenge to your calendar with one click: 30 Day Challenge: Strength, HIIT, Mobility 

WEEK 1 - Start the Challenge with an average of 37 minutes/day at a average difficulty of 2.8

This is a progressively difficult challenge, meaning that each week you will see an increase in overall intensity, workout duration, and complexity of workout structure. The challenge was designed with a purposeful sequencing of workouts so that you could (safely) push yourself to lift heavier weights with supplemental segments of cardio/HIIT, while improving foundational movement patterns (mobility). 

For this first week of training, try to get into the habit of quickly previewing each workout (via the write-up and/or video) so that you can consider your weight options for each exercise of a workout as well as think about which moves might require a modification or alternative. Just a few minutes of preparation will help set you up for a positive workout experience! After all, we’re hoping to help you establish a consistent, enjoyable habit of sustainable movement with this challenge.  

The 30-day training cycle of workouts is brought to you by our talented team of content creators: Kelli, Daniel, Erica, Nicole, Brian, Kayla, Amanda, and myself. Erica and I will be your challenge coaches: we’ll share one post right here in the community with you each week that previews the week of workouts to come and offers you a space to check in with your questions, reflections, and musings as you progress through each week of training. You’ll hear from Erica before we kick off Week 2 of training but feel free to chat with both of us in the comment section below.  

Before I forget…there’s also a special new Achievement for completing this 30 Day Challenge. How many of you let out a yelp of excitement for that news? 

Let’s chat!

- Coach Tasha  
(and yes, I’ll see you on the screen)