My Workout & My Day

Good morning everyone and welcome to the start of another week and Valentine's Day is just around the corner and everyone is going to be busy buying gifts for their loved ones to be giving it to them on that special day. I'm on week 2 or 3 of FB ABs and my core area has been feeling it and I'm doing workouts that I've never done before with new trainers, and they been kicking my butt and my body has been really feeling it so far. We've put out some lovely pretty beautiful jewelry for the customers to buy this week for their loved ones or family members that they want to give it to for this week.

We are all ready for Valentine's Day now we are just waiting to give all that lovely jewelry and we put out some really expensive jewelry that people will be looking at as their shopping in the store the rest of the week. We even got out some really cool and cute clothes out for all the Apparel sections we even got some really pretty lovely pajama's out for the women too for Valentine's Day too. We even got all the bathing suits out already too for the women and it's still winter and we are not even into spring yet and it's still really cold outside and raining so it doesn't make any sense at all what so ever.