Sunday 👻ing 11-2-24

Hello blenderbuddies, another 👻ing day with me. And Ingeborg, I don’t think I could write a book, not imaginative enough. But I will have a go at a good long “natter” on here again. Feel free, everyone, to just skip any blurb you are not interested in!

As to why we are here: rest day? Workout day? Other activity day? I have a doubles tennis match this morning. After hubs left the league, another person had to stop and, we, the leftover partners, teamed up. So 🤞 we aren’t annihilated. I don’t need to win, just a good time playing! I am also really keen on having a dip today. Yesterday the weather was nice and sunny, i.e. pretty ideal, but the waves were a bit too wild. Wind is still pretty high and easterly, so pretty cold. Right, Lea, we are not here for a weather forecast! You ladies, and your activity or non-activity is what I want to know about. Some of you were eyeing Erica’s PMS workout. If so, did you get around to it?

Right, on to food: yesterday it turned out to be hubs turn to cook. Oh no, that means it is me today. So…. No idea whatsoever! Suggestions please or much better: invites please…

On Friday I laughed out loud when I saw Raven’s “queen of dead trees admirer” a much better title than “crazy dead tree lady”, I guess. And yes, of course I have got a dead tree for you. I will only bore you with one, though. Do you ever admire dead trees? Or am I the only one ”dead tree looney” on here? You might even have a photograph of one… please, post it here. I love tree, dead or alive, photos!

And as to the picture yesterday: I was glad I wasn’t the only person to see a long-necked bird’s head in there. Ostrich, emu, egret… Enough out of me though, I leave you with a dead tree here and will talk to you all later!

Oh and in the replies yesterday’s beauty on beach late afternoon: for those of you who are fed up with dark dull or snow. For those of you who crave snow: sorry, can’t oblige there!

Oh and all are welcome here. And you will have our lovely Raven back tomorrow.

Edited as most of you will see this after my tennis game: one of our opponents had to pull out, because of a leg injury, only 5 minutes into the game. She had pulled a calf muscle before and it happened again. So sad for her. It immediately means the opposing team wins though, so a win for us. After she left, we three decided to play anyway and rotate on singles/doubles sides. So I had a fun time playing. I heard later she had done a stretching class before our tennis match, then started playing in cold weather, not a wise thing to do, it seems to me. Just goes to show: be careful and look after your bodies!!