Perspiration Pals February 11, 2024 💪🌊🍕

Happy Sunday Ppals!

It is not quite Sunday here (2 hours to go) but I thought I would start the thread since I have a meme picked out.

It is throwback time! Do you remember when Daniel would tell us to go to our happy place? My happy place is the beach. Looking, walking along and listening to the ocean. Not sunbathing.

Where is your happy place? Did you picture it when Daniel said go to your happy place?

I'll put a picture of Nellie in one of her happy places in the comments. One night she really wanted my pizza but she settled for pushing the empty box off the counter, opening it and sitting in it. Don't tell her I put the box in recycling. Don't worry Nellie there will be other boxes for you to sit in.

I am starting week 2 of flex 2 Sunday (or Monday). This time around I have done a fair amount of subbing. Last night I was taking a while to decide and thought I should just go ahead and do the scheduled 50 min workout. But it was a level 5! Sorry Tasha I was not up to that yesterday so I found a 28 min level 4 also with Tasha that I had done before and was in my favorites. The next workout for flex is a 42 min level 4 with Daniel. That sounds good and it will be good to workout with Daniel again as I haven't done one of his strength workouts in a while. I don't think I'll hear go to your happy place or even almost done. I did do one of his stretching workouts today so I heard almost done a few times.

Ok that is enough about me, Now I would like to hear what y'all have been up to.

All are welcome to read and chat with us.