Saturday 👻ing 10-2-24

Oh gosh, I had to correct myself to type 24 there 🙈…

Hey there lovely all-of-yous! How’s the movement and the food going for you today? I guess I could stop here because the main questions have been asked, but unlike our lovely Karen: I cannot do short 🙈🙈🙈🙈!

So workouts: mine is a beach litterpick with Goodgym. Whether it will be followed later tonight by anything FB, no idea yet. Maybe Erica’s PMS stretch as I just couldn’t get off my behind last night to do that one. It’s wonderful though! Let me know what you are doing, I might buddy up with you.

Food: no idea, but hey, nothing new there. Not even sure whether I am cooking or whether hubs is. Let me know what you are doing, I might get on my bike, in the car or on a plane to join you, if you can cope with me as a guest, that is.

Now, I am certainly not the queen of questions like our lovely Ingeborg but this one came up when I was putting petrol in the car the other day. I did raised heel squats on the pavement edge while holding on to the nozzle. Do you ever do these in between movements? Maybe calf raises/balancing on one leg while in the supermarket queue or counter pushups while boiling a kettle? I often do them in the supermarket. I love doing these mini-exercises in spite of curious looks!

As to the photo: your “forever seeing things” ghostess is at it again: while walking through the forest the other day I saw the above picture. Let your imagination run wild and tell me if you see anything other than a sticky-out bit of wood?!?!

Anyway, off to litterpick, see you later.

Oh and I usually forget this: anyone feel free to read, lurk, answer, tell or whatever it is you want to do with this post.