My Workout & My Day

Good morning/afternoon/evening wherever you are in the world we got lots of rain yesterday and I mean lots of it to the point where everything is soak and wet and it looks like we might get more rain again. Workouts I did total body strength workout with Tasha and my body is feeling it after the workout and I'm all done with the program for FB Benchmark and I'm going to be doing FB Reach next. From all the workouts that I've been doing to watching of what I've been eating my body has shaped up and come a long way since I started doing it, and it was a big thing for me as soon as I got out of high school was to start losing the weight and shaping up.

I can gladly say that I've reached that goal of weight and getting myself back into shape again was a success and I'm a lot more active now with doing chores and with running around at work too. So I'll be ready when the store starts to get really busy towards the end of the month and everyone is doing all their christmas shopping for friends and family. I've been working at my job for almost 7 months now since I started and I can't believe of how far I've come since the first day I got out on the floor and started working in the Apparel section.