Perspiration Pals 6 December 2023

Hello Pals! It’s snowing. And it’s St. Nicholas Day (alias Mikulás here) so kids must be grinning like Cheshire cat. I know I would, if I didn’t have to work and commute. I’d love to be sitting in a really comfy armchair sipping tea and watching kittens play in front of the fireplace. I have neither kittens, nor a fireplace. Not even a really comfy armchair, to be honest. I’m not quite well yet which is rather disappointing.

It doesn’t prevent me from working out so I started the day by doing Day 3 of FB Anywhere although I did swap the scheduled routine because my lower body was sore and I wanted a more balanced soreness all over my body. Is anyone doing FB Anywhere right now?

Let’s move on to our fact finder fragment. Since it’s snowing here, I thought I could give you some fun facts about snow. Did you know that the shape of individual snowflakes is determined by the air temperature around it? The study of flakes has identified that long, thin needle-like ice crystals form at around -2 C (28 F), while a lower temperature of -5 C (23 F) will lead to very flat plate-like crystals. Freshly fallen snow absorbs sound waves, giving everything a seemingly hushed, quieter ambience after a flurry. But if the snow then melts and refreezes, the ice can reflect sound waves making sound travel further and clearer. Oh, and one more thing. Are you familiar with the great explorer Ernest Shackleton? During his expedition, Colic was treated with cannabis, diarrhoea sufferers enjoyed the delights of opium while those stricken with snow blindness, a temporary loss of vision due to overexposure to the sun's UV rays, would have cocaine dripped directly into the eye…

All right, Pals, I must go back to work now although typing here like that GIF cat does make me seem really busy. Have an easy day, Pals!

PS, this is for you because you were good boys&girls. (Sweets/candy)