My Workout & Day

Hi everyone sorry I haven't been online in a while this is what I've done I did a bored easily total body strength workout with Kellie which was a good one, one of my favorites and I'm coming toward the end of the FB Benchmark program and I've been thinking really hard of which one I was to target next. I've been doing a lot of interesting workouts with this program that I'm doing at the moment and I missed doing it so I've been doing a lot of strength programs at the moment. It's been really busy for me at work this last few weeks or so because as it's getting closer to the holidays the store is just getting slammed by customers and we are making a lot of money from all the people that are buying.

Which means that we are having to bring in a lot more ship loads of certain ideas and getting them out on the floor and into location before we run out of that certain item in the store. This month for all the customers and the employees at the store are doing their own version of a spirit week or month for everyone to get into the holiday spirit before Christmas comes. We got all kinds of fun interesting things planned out starting on the 12th of this month all the way to Christmas Eve and some of the employees have already starting wearing their christmas clothes, and I'm also doing the same thing too.

Last month was my birthday and I'm 21 now and I bought my first bottle of wine when my mom picked me up on Friday from the bus and it was exciting for me buying my first bottle of wine, and I also got to have a glass of wine on my birthday to celebrate me turning 21. I can't wait to hear from all of you again and see what everyone has been up to lately.