Perspiration Pals Tuesday December 5, 2023

Hello, team, and Happy Tuesday! How is December treating you so far?

Anyone getting their shoes ready for St Nicholas to visit tonight? In case you aren't familiar with this tradition:

On to links, if you're planning your once in a lifetime Japan trip, or just like to dream about it, here's some inspiration:

Speaking of Japan, maybe a look at what Japanese people eat for dinner will give you some inspiration? There are also videos about breakfast and lunch, btw:

No, I have no plan to visit Japan, I just find their culture fascinating. Did you know you can rent a boyfriend/dad/mom in order to avoid social awkwardness?

Ok, enough Japan for today. Have you ever wondered how you could use banana peels?

This is for CK, curious to hear what you think about this Huger Games fan theory:

Finally, don't forget to boop a corgi this holiday season:

Ok, ok, I'm done. In terms of workouts, I joined Brian's team this morning:

Very comprehensive, would recommend. Now on to you, what's the plan for today? Hope you enjoy the meme, i regret not having it for Halloween. Have a great day, team!