Weekend Ghosting: Sun, Nov 19th

Bonjour les filles,

I hope this morning finds you all well. Mine has already been rather eventful. So while I promised myself I wasn't going to ramble today,

I've already got to disappoint you. Mea Culpa!

I got up at 6am, early I know but Yuna's working and I'm the type who gets up to get stuff done before waking her up. When I want to get the car out of the garage, I have to go through the pantry where our water boiler is... Do you feel me coming? I heard this strange dripping noise, something not quite normal, so I took a closer look, put my hand on top of the boiler and what do you know... if I wasn't afraid of water I could have taken a swim!! Okay, that's exaggerated but no, we had a leak. So I had to wake up hubs who's so very much not a morning person. Luckily we managed to fix the thing, but we'll get someone to come and take a look anyways. The pantry and garage looked like a battlefield but that's the least right? And things like that ALWAYS happen on a Sunday!!🤬

And it was only 7am yet, let's cross our fingers for the rest of the day being calm and easy!

Anyway, let's start properly now shall we? How are you all doing today? Are you preparing to do some workouts? Will you take a rest day? Or maybe do something totally different that you could mark as a custom workout or active recovery day.

Me, I'll be looking into the second week of FB Mass, see what I can swap because that's just customary for me. But first I'll finally get my breakfast in, I've just put the kettle on for my tea and my fruit is waiting to be cut.

Which brings me nicely once again to the food part. What are we having for dinner tonight? Will I be inviting myself over to one of your places or do I stick with leftover chicory oven dish for hubs and FB's broccoli/mushroom pasta for Yuna and myself? Or maybe I can just pop in for dessert? Let me know please...

Have I got everything covered? Think so yes...

There's no question today but I do like to tell you ladies that today we're starting our annual tradition of watching The Hobbit/LOTR films. And we've even got a sort of celebration: it's the 20th year of watching LOTR! We started when hubs came back from Afghanistan and we've been watching every year leading up to Christmas ever since. So I'll be preparing some snacks later to munch while watching.

Right, enough out of me for this time ghosting. Thanks every so much for your patience, your time for reading my jabbering and I look forward to your answers.

Come tomorrow if I'm correct you'll have Raven back for the daily check-ins.

For now, have a great day ladies!!🥰

*And oh yes, to those who mostly lurk, come and have a chat with us, we don't bite, we're very nosy and we love to hear from you. Whether it's good or bad news, something exciting you need to share, just pop in. We're here for you!*