New Workout! Core Stabilization and Low-Impact Cardio

Hello everyone! I have another core stability-focused routine coming your way today.

Core Stabilization and Low-Impact Cardio

I’ve enjoyed seeing the benefits and excitement from you around core stability! It’s one of my favorite areas of the body to train and for great reasons. It benefits posture, prevents low back pain, protects internal organs, builds total body strength and coordination, and supports us in all other workouts and everyday life (and I know that’s surely not the extent)! Many of you have shared that incorporating core stabilization in workouts has led to a stronger core, increased range of motion, and better balance.

The transverse abdominis, or TVA, is the area we emphasize in this routine. Of all the muscles utilized in core stability, why this one? It’s the deepest abdominal muscle and a cornerstone of core stability, wrapping around the lumbar spine like a corset. It’s important we understand how to properly engage this area before initiating movement, so I take a few minutes before the warm-up to explain. 

The workout itself is split into 2 parts; slower-moving core stability strengthening and then in part 2, maintaining those same efforts while increasing our heart rate. Overall, this routine is suitable as a level 3 in difficulty, looking out for modifications I share along the way, and by default, limiting your range of motion when needed.

Check out the write-up for much more education. I’ll see you there as we strengthen our connection to our foundational core muscles!