New Workout! Yoga-Inspired Low-Impact Cardio

Get your sweat on, elevate the heart rate, and restore your energy with this total body, low-impact, cardio and plyometrics workout! 

Yoga-Inspired Low-Impact Cardio

Blending full-range, bodyweight movements with active postures, this practice will have you moving at a moderate-to-quick pace through multiple planes. The exercises offered will progressively build upon one another, ensuring a variety of levels appropriate for most students to work from. While enhancing your endurance, mobility, and balance, I invite you to find a cadence/flow that appropriately challenges you. Our goal is to build bodily awareness and control in every move! 

I want to use this practice to address some of the misconceptions surrounding high-intensity exercise, and explain some of the many benefits of incorporating high-intensity workouts into your regular workout routine: 

It’s a common misunderstanding that high-intensity workouts can only mean fast-paced, high-impact exercises that come in the form of a weighted run or HIIT workout. However, it’s important to recognize high-intensity does not automatically equate to high-impact or even fast-paced. There are MANY different ways to intensify a workout and increase the heart and breath rates without increasing the impact on your joints or the pace of your movements. High intensity can be found as well in slowing movements down enough to build strength and neuromuscular control. Moving at an appropriately challenging pace while remaining intentional around your movements is enough! While there is nothing wrong with high-impact or fast-paced exercise, these forms are not accessible to every body, but that does not mean that participating in a high-intensity workout is off limits too. 

Now let’s talk about some of the benefits of a high-intensity workout: 

  • High Intensity workouts are great for your cardiovascular health! Many forms of high-intensity exercise can help to reduce/manage high blood pressure, and decrease the risk of various heart diseases. 
  • Improves anaerobic and aerobic performance while improving overall energy levels. 
  • Can improve oxygen consumption (your muscles’ ability to use oxygen) 
  • Can help you to manage stress and improve chronically high cortisol levels over time. 

I hope this workout leaves you feeling sweaty and empowered! Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more workouts from me, just like this!