New Workout! Lower Body Strength Circuits with Single and Combination Exercises

Good morning FB Family!

Today’s relatively straightforward lower body strength workout includes both single and combination exercises:

Lower Body Strength Circuits with Single and Combination Exercises

You will work through single-component exercises in the first two circuits before combining the moves from these two circuits in the third and final circuit. Opt for your moderately heavy to heavy weights to challenge yourself during each manageable 30-second interval, noting that you might need to decrease your weight selections for the last circuit when you’re tackling more than one exercise at once. This is a great routine for days when you need an under 30-minute leg day strength workout that still packs a punch, a punch that you regulate with your choices for weights and movement progressions/modifications.

I enjoyed the accessibility of this workout! Although rated as a level 4 due to the complexity of a couple of the moves, the routine is still highly modifiable to fit your current training needs and goals. By the end of the workout, my lower body muscles felt thoroughly worked without feeling completely destroyed for my next day of training.

I hope shorter training sessions such as this one have a spot in your training schedule!

See you on the screen!