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New Workout! Bored Easily Low-Impact Cardio

Who’s ready for a fun, low-impact, cardio workout? Why yes, I did say fun and cardio in the same sentence 🙂

Bored Easily Low-Impact Cardio

If you’re looking for a mid-range, moderate intensity workout to boost your mood and break a sweat without overly taxing your body… this is IT.

Instead of jumping, we’ll be using light dumbbells and combination exercises to bring the sweat. You’re also welcome to opt out of using weights for some, or all, of the workout. For the main cardio portion, we have 22 exercises (no repeats!) completed for 50 seconds on / 10 seconds off. I’ve chosen (and even created) exercises that utilize many muscle groups at once to challenge both your brain and body. The dumbbells I use are between 3 and 10 lb, just enough to give your heart rate a little boost without being a strength workout.

Full disclosure: Cardio is not my favorite activity, I'd much rather lift weights. BUT, I had a ton of fun creating some new exercise combinations for this workout and even MORE fun, doing them. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Now I'm curious... what's your preference — cardio or strength?