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New Workout! Bodyweight High and Low Impact Cardio

Good morning FB Family!

No equipment (other than a mat) needed for today’s total body cardio workout release:

Bodyweight High and Low Impact Cardio Circuits

You will work through a low and high impact 5-exercise cardio circuit, focusing on consistent, moderate intensity movement during the 45-second work intervals. We’re working on improving our cardiovascular endurance in this workout; therefore, none of your efforts should feel like an all-out, breathless endeavor. Each exercise has more than one component so feel free to use the first of the two rounds of each circuit to familiarize yourself with the movement patterns before picking up the pace!

This routine was just a fun workout for me to film. It’s just one of those workouts that has you in a good mood from start to finish! I felt thoroughly challenged but not demolished, a very rewarding feeling for me right now as I’m working on a hybrid of performance goals that include endurance, strength, and speed (which means that sometimes my body does feel a little destroyed, haha – no worries, I take my recovery days/sessions very seriously!).  

I hope you enjoy this workout, too! Perhaps a sequel that includes a progression to a HIIT circuit? Any takers?

See you on the screen!