New Workout! Quick 3 x 3 Core Circuit

Good morning FB Family!

We’ve got a quick 12-minute core-centric workout for you today:

Quick 3 x 3 Core Circuit

After a quick core activation warm-up, you will complete three rounds of three exercises during the main circuit. Don’t let the short duration of the workout fool you! The nearly continuous core muscle engagement will fatigue these foundational muscles pretty quickly and leave you with a little “sizzle” pretty early on during the routine. Depending on your training goals and time commitment to movement for the day, this is a great add-on or standalone routine.  

This video was my second time filming this routine after getting interrupted by lawncare too many times to salvage the footage during my first attempt. Thus, there was more time than I intended spent kind of just rolling around on the mat with destroyed abs, lol. Ignore my mumblings and failed attempts to physically massage more movement out of my core.

Note that there are several modifications/alternatives for each exercise! Feel free to cycle through as many variations as necessary to stay in motion.