HKS (Healthy Kind Support) Accountability Group Sept. 17th 🌞

hey there pals,

How are we doing this Sunday? It is an unusually bright and sunshiny day out here. If I manage to get out of the house, a walk would really be nice. It has started to become chilly in the evenings so feels like must cherish these sunny moments.

quote: "even the smallest actions are steps in the right direction". this quote because two reasons. i know some pals here are having a rough time; also i was very overwhelmed yesterday with work & not feeling alright in general. and so, this morning, i started tackling some tasks without thinking of the other and by afternoon, two are done and i feel a little less jittery. Still a long list but i feel a tad better. so, here's to us moving forward one tiny step at a time. group hug xx

workouts: none yet, and maybe a while before i can restart. but i am determined to take a walk today, even if not very far.

a colleague's birthday today, so there will be some cake tomorrow :) I got a present to give tomorrow. that's about it from me pals. now over to y'all. how's your Sunday coming along? do tell.

wish you all a good start to the week to come 🎈