Weekend check-in Saturday 16-09-2023

Hi guys!

I have been a literal ghost the last week or so, but I could never forget to actually ghost here. Things have been hectic. I still don't have any grip strength on the left. It's been 5 weeks since the botox injections. At 6 weeks it reaches its maximum effect, so my grip has been progressively getting worse. I'm currently mostly using resistance bands, especially for upper body strength. Last Thursday I did sort of manage to do bicep curls with 3 kilo. It was 2 kilo max the first few weeks after the botox. It doesn't exactly look good because I can't hold my wrist firm, it bends in a weird direction. Wrist got botox too. But it should be about 2 months until the effect wears off. Hopefully it'll slowly get better after the 6 week mark cause I'm going insane. I've also hit a fat loss plateau. I think I went a little bit too low for a while. I was doing 1800-ish calories per day initially which worked well, then I was around 1500-1700 for a few weeks, which was probably too large of a deficit (my maintenance amount is 2500). Especially with my intense workouts, it was too low, so I'm eating 1900-2000 now, hoping to break the plateau. I'll also do a week of just light workouts next week.

I was also on Dutch TV on the most hated news program in the country, lol. They wanted to interview someone with vaccine damage who had proof it was the shot. So I volunteered. I knew there'd be a shitstorm of rude comments. I know I shouldn't even look and read but yeah. A page from my medical file showing the diagnosis was literally on screen and people are commenting "where's the evidence". I don't even know anymore. What will it take if a literal diagnosis isn't enough. I don't have Twitter but I heard the comments there are a cesspool, lol.

Look at me updating about my absence in a check-in. Workouts! I've been keeping up with mine, so I'm resting today. Only have to go do groceries later. Other than that I won't be doing a damn thing. What about you? Tell me about your day. Including dinner! I don't know yet what's on the menu. I said I'd order some nice food once I got my first disability pay, which I got like 5 weeks ago. Might finally do it today. I have been craving bubble tea, haha. Good chance I'll just buy groceries and cook instead. I'm not much of a "order food" kind of person, I rarely do it. I had a question prepared for the check-in but whatever, let's go with: do you often order food? And if you want to answer my original question: What is your favorite season? I've been gettingcyle lessons at rehab (on a tricycle) and the guy keeps saying it's beautiful weather to cycle. I'm an autumn/winter girl myself so cycling in the hot sun is not my idea of good cycling weather.

That's all I have for today's check-in! I'll see you all in the comments!

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