FB Fit Program - User issues!

I just signed up for FB fit - 8 week program and am a little lost on how to follow the program. Do I follow the Calendar or the Program Schedule? They have different workouts in each day. For example, My week 1/day 1 Program Schedule only had 2 videos in it, but when I completed those, it told me that I had only done 2 out of 3, but that third video I found in the calendar.

Now I’m looking at day 2 in the Program Schedule and it only has 3 videos (2 options and an extra credit). When I click that I’m done with one of the videos it shows me that I’ve done 1 out of 5, but there aren’t 5 videos in the Program Schedule.

I then go to the calendar and there are more workouts in there that I can mark as complete but they aren’t the same as the ones in todays program schedule. Also, for some reason it says it’s day 12??? Help please!