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New Workout! Total Body Functional Strength with Cardio Bookends

Hey Fitness Friends,

How are you doing? If you’ve been looking for your next functional, unilateral, total body routine, I’ve got you!

Total Body Functional Strength with Cardio Bookends

In addition to straight strength, we incorporate cardio bursts at the beginning and end of the workout to increase blood flow and elevate the heart rate (and promote some sweat). There are SO many benefits of unilateral training — it’s more functional for daily life movements, stimulates your deep core for greater stability, injury prevention, and it’s just a fun way to feel strong (among others!).

Our main strength circuit is 10 exercises completed for 2 rounds of 40 sec work/15 sec rest. The first round will be completed on one side, before taking a water break and completing them all again on the other. Yes, that one side of your body will be fatigued! Persevere with good form. 

Since there will be so much stacking fatigue on one side, I encourage you to select medium to medium-heavy weights as they WILL feel heavy by the end of the circuit :) 

Get ready for a fun, fast and fiery total body routine in less than 40 minutes. Joining me??