New Workout! Tabata and Steady-State Cardio

Hey there! Get ready for a dose of cardio in 2 ways:

Tabata and Steady-State Cardio

In this workout, you’ll get to experience total body Tabata HIIT and steady-state endurance intervals. We improve both our VO2 max along with general cardiovascular functioning while also tapping into muscular endurance. I’ve set us up with 10 exercises that will be done for each of these parts. While our muscles are fresh, we will begin using a Tabata HIIT format and experience the exercises with high intensity and impact (no worries, there are options for modifications!). After that, we will pace ourselves through 10 exercises that are similar and/or modified versions to take out the impact and moderate the intensity a bit more.

I loved that throughout this whole 25-minute workout (note that does not include the warm-up, cool down, or commentary) I always had options for drawing back intensity while at the same time feeling encouraged to push the threshold and go close to all-out in some moments. At times the workout felt like a level 5 in difficulty and at other times, it was nearing closer to a 3. Our pacing and the choice of exercise can easily adjust the perceived challenge. 

Who’s ready for the runner's high, minus the running part? I’ll see your sweaty selves in the workout!