WORKOUT COMPLETE - lifted heavier again!


FB 30 round 3 is really doing a number on me, but in a good way! Am glad that I had done back to back in this series - rounds 1, 2 and 3. Likely will move to a longer program after this is done, just to get used to it again and those 1,000 calorie workouts (yikes!).

I recently started making the conscious decision to choose heavier weights, to at least see if I can handle it, and most of the time I can! Sometimes not without a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on in my arms or legs, but I at least try to step out of comfort zone. If I used to lift 15 in bench press, now I try 18... If I used to do 18 in deadlifts, now I try 24. It’s awesome to see your capability change! Now the question is whether 24 pounds will be my maximum, because I can’t go any further in this PowerBlock set. LOL. Might have to buy a bigger set and sell this one...