Prefacing first with….Home today to prepare for Hurricane Idelia’s energy here on the coast of South Carolina. Almost 6 pm and we have had a few tornadoes smidge north of us (too close for comfort), lots of rain and flooding. So far, so good. Anyone reading this affected from this storm, my heart goes to you.

Regarding my title for this post, my thank you is to every single trainer, IT, Customer Support, etc supporting FB. If not for your team, I would not have gotten back into shape and able to feel strong enough to walk into Golds Gym. Saturday I met a friend and we crushed it. When I was at 200 lbs on the leg press on my 4th set after squats and sumos at 150 lbs, I was so grateful for everyone at FB, community too. The knowledge is gold. This morning I completed a LB from Daniel, Level 4 and I lifted heavier than I ever had with much energy and enthusiasm. I was on fire.., 2 months ago, nope, I would not of had that much energy!

Just for fun, including a picture of my Birdie (cocker spaniel) and her BFF, Jolene, right before I shared turkey bacon and scrambled eggs. Jolene hanging out so these two can play during the storm since walking is out of the question.