New Routine! Full Body Wake Up and Go

Hello Fitness Blender family! What if I told you there was a routine designed for you to do in your pajamas? 

Full Body Wake Up and Go Routine

I had multiple scenarios in mind when creating this routine! The main inspiration was to have a gentle routine you can do right when you wake up as part of your morning routine to get you centered for the day ahead. I also thought it would be great for the early bird exercisers (you know who you are!) who are seeking a pre-warm-up before starting their chosen workout for the day. Aside from the morning, this 10-minute routine can be used at any time in your day when you need a stretch or movement break (after travel, as a break from sitting at your desk, etc.). 

The exercises we complete contain elements of muscle engagement, stretching, lightly raising your heart rate, getting blood flow going, and getting you in touch with your mind and body. It's gentle, low-impact, and beginner-friendly, making this an approachable level 1 routine. 

Hey, maybe dedicating the 10 minutes to this routine could even lessen your need for more caffeine whether it’s in the morning or the afternoon slow down?! Come join me in gaining that little burst of alertness you could benefit from!