Weight loss plateau help! :(


Hello from Malaysia :) Im having a little problem with losing weight and centimetres now (sorry metric system!). It seems that I've hit a plateau. Over the last couple of months since end of August, I've set myself a goal to reach by end of January.

90cm Bust

68cm Waist

95cm Large hip

I started with these measurements at the end of August:

90.5cm Bust

72.5cm Waist

99.5cm Large Hip


I'm currently at these measurements (as of a 4 nov)

90cm Bust

70cm Waist

97cm Large hip


I havent lost anything since mid October and I read to clean up my diet (which I have!) but I cannot seem to lose anything more- Not on the scale nor in measurements. I did FB Fit, and Im about to finish FB Abs (I've had a couple of off days in October from dental work- wisdom tooth removal!) and starting FB Booty Monday next week and Im going to focus on core and arms on the alternate days I do not have scheduled workouts.

What else can I do? Should I cut carbs? try intermittent fasting? More cardio? Heavier weights? Working out twice a day? Start on protein shakes? I've read all conflicting things to do and Im feeling a little dejected.