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New Workout! Prenatal Cardio and Core Supersets

Hey Fitness Blenders! I’ve got a new pre/postnatal workout to help you work up a sweat in a safe and effective way for both pregnancy and returning to exercise postpartum (or, let’s be honest, anyone!).

Prenatal Cardio and Core Supersets

While this workout can ABSOLUTELY be done by anyone, I’m placing it in the pre/postnatal category because my modifications and instructions speak specifically to the pregnant body.

As a pre/postnatal fitness specialist, my goal is not only to make exercise safe for pregnancy and postpartum, but to make it effective at preparing the body for the demands of this phase of life. This routine specifically helps build endurance and core stability to help ward off any aches/pains that are considered common amongst pregnancy and moms (i.e. low back pain), help you feel more capable in daily life, and have the stamina for labor/contractions.

For the workout itself we have a series of supersets where we pair together a cardio and core exercise for 2 rounds of 45 seconds on / 15 seconds off. The exercises are all low-impact with many options and variations to add challenge or modify based on trimester and fitness level. Light dumbbells, medium dumbbells, and a bench are used in this workout.

Always, always listen to your body, paying attention to how you feel both during and after a workout — you truly are your own best guide!

I really enjoyed this one, even though I'm not expecting! Be sure to check out our other pre/postnatal category for more. What would you like to see next?