A Fitness Blender THANK YOU - And 1 Suggestion

Been meaning to post this…

Been working out with FB since 2018. I’ve learned so much from everyone- Kelli, Daniel, all of the new trainers and the community. 2 weeks ago I realized I had plateaued and needed access to a gym so I could “dial it up” and put all of this baseline training to work. The Powerblocks were no longer providing the results I desired.

So, BAM, I’m a member of Gold’s Gym and on my first day, I headed straight to the Smith Machine and churned out 3 sets each of squats, sumo squats and reverse lunges (120, 130, 100 - 10-15 reps- built up to these lbs). Afterwards, I went straight to the leg press and by the 3rd set, I was at 120 lbs. Then I worked my glutes and hamstrings some more! Following day I crushed UB.

Felt sooooo good to be in a gym again and this time, having the knowledge from FB regarding form, how to lift heavier, etc.

Therefore, i segue into a suggestion, if I may? For anyone who may read this and relates, it’d be nice if there was a workout available on the website specifically tailored to heavier weights/equipment for a member who is like me seeking more challenges. I figured out my routine at the gym, yet wondered if I was working one group too much than another?

I’m in no way requesting any deviation from FB’s mission statement, just a suggestion for those of us that may need a bit more guidance.

I’m still working out with y’all! Thank you for reading my post…